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Treatments for neck and lower back pain problems at Longy's Pain Clinic, Sydney Australia.

Part of the secret to the treatments is to boost blood flow to areas of the body, previously blocked due to scar tissue caused by injury or overuse. This blood flow gives nutrients to the soft tissues that have undergone certain traumas such as bursitis, ischaemia and fibrosis.

In many cases, Longy's treatments have also been applied post surgery to allow quick recovery to injuries that would normally take months or even years to heal due to heavy scar tissue build up in the connective tissues.  

Troy Waters- Longy's Sydney Pain Clinic

Treating neck and lower back pain problems and othe conditions.

Longy treats many common conditions at his pain clinic. Not just neck and lower back pain problems but other debilitating conditions, including:

Ligament, tendon and muscle strains of the neck, shoulder, lower back, hips, upper and lower limbs.



-Muscular contraction headaches

-Improving venous return of limbs and  lymphatic drainage

-Boosting of the immune system

-Holistic relaxation, mental and physical

-Postural conditions


With much of the population suffering chronic neck and lower back pain problems, due to factors such as sedentary lifestyle and poor posture, this potent combination of eastern and western therapy is unmatched and certainly not exclusive to the celebrities and elite sportspeople who attend his Pain Clinic.



Pain Clinic. Specialising in Neck and Lower Back Pain Problems.

Longy, specialising in neck and lower back pain problems, also treats many common injuries and conditions. His pain clinic is in Sydney Australia,  minutes from the CBD. Funds from Longy's treatments will support his latest charitable project. Limited appointments are available. For a Lower back treatment or further information. Contact us.

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Lower Back Pain Problems

Neck and Back Pain Relief

To visit Longy, for Neck and lower Back Pain problems or if you require further information about a lower back treatment at the Sydney pain clinic click above.


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