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The Dragon’s Journey, A Memoir

Published by Harper Collins

Duy Long Nguyen ( Longy ) left Vietnam, with his mother’s blessing, on a boat bound anywhere safe. He carried with him too many memories of war. He had seen things no child should ever see.

Fate saw him arrive in Australia. Determined to find his way in his new country, he battled racism and struggled for acceptance.

His hands are now his trade and his magic, and his client list reads like a who’s who of celebrity.

Forwarded by Rupert Murdoch and Frank Lowy.

The Dragon’s Journey: In the Beginning

When a tiger dies he leaves behind his skin, when a man dies he leaves behind his reputation.

The people in this picture including Longy Nguyen’s father are his childhood mentors. Their wisdom, teachings and bravery have inspired him to be his best. In Pleiku 1969, Longy joined the Army Boy Scout. He received 1st degree black belt Tae kwon Do by 1975 (age 10) under, General CHOI HONG HI International foundation. (THAN PHONG private headquarter district 4 Saigon, South Vietnam).

The II Corps advisers and their ARVN counterparts at II Corps Headquarters in Pleiku in February 1972. Front row, left to right: Colonel Binh (Chief of Staff), Brigadier General Wear (Deputy Senior Adviser), Mr Vann (Senior Adviser), Lieutenant General Dzu (Commanding General), Brigadier General Lam Son (Deputy Commanding General), Colonel Pizzi (Chief of Staff), Colonel Tuong (Assistant Commanding General, Operations). Second row: Colonel Tho (Corps Artillery Commander), Lieutenant Colonel Fuesel (Artillery Senior Adviser), Colonel Pahl (G-2 Adviser), Lieutenant Colonel Khuong (G-3), Lieutenant Colonel Goff (Deputy G-3 Adviser), Lieutenant Colonel Dick (G-4 Adviser). Third row: Major Tu (Corps Surgeon), Colonel Otto (Surgeon Adviser), Lieutenant Colonel Kha (Provost Marshall), Lieutenant Colonel Falkenstein (Provost Marshal Adviser), Lieutenant Colonel Hien (Inspector General), Lieutenant Colonel Bennett (Inspector General Adviser), Lieutenant Colonel Kieu (G-1), Lieutenant Colonel McCoy (G-1 Adviser).Fourth row: Colonel Huong (Signal Officer) Major Khieu (Assistant G-4), Lieutenant Colonel Bates (Corps Engineer), Captain Thuy (Headquarters Commandant), Major Hollingsworth (Adjutant General Adviser), Major Smith (Information Officer). Back row: Major Richardson (Secretary to the General Staff Advisor), Captain Lai (Secretary to the General Staff), Captain Tien (Protocol Officer), Lieutenant Colonel Roscoe (Chaplain). Photo courtesy of the US Army.