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Taken from Good Taste Magazine 10 June 2000


Oriental healing specialist Dislocated shoulderTerry Hill - Dislocated Shoulder. Healing with Pressure Point.

“The team's doctor Nathan Gibbs said it was the worst dislocated shoulder he'd seen. In fact I was due for surgery and was facing a year out of the game. I needed half a dozen injections of pain medication and anti-inflammatories just to get me onto the field. Then [Australian captain] Brad Fittler told me about Longy. The guy's a bloody miracle worker — I'd stake my life on it. I wouldn't have made last year's Grand Final without this bloke! He told me it was going to hurt but he also said that within six treatments I'd be right. The orthopedic specialist told me that even with an operation, the shoulder may never be 100 per cent again but Longy's massage and herbs fixed it almost instantly. After my first treatment, I played without medication and after six it was fixed. It still looks funny but there's no pain, without Longy I'd be stuffed."


Oriental healing specialist Dislocated shoulderLongy - Pressure Point and the Healing Process Dislocated Shoulder

"More than 60 per cent of the illnesses and injuries I treat are the result of stress. Without treating the mind and emotions first, you can't truly cure a person. Terry was a great patient. He changed his diet, got off dairy, alcohol and seafood (which retards the healing process) and cut out salt. The treatments, which involve deep pressure point work, can be painful, especially when there is scar tissue involved. Terry had a combination of acupressure, massage, stretching and manipulation to put his whole body back into balance plus herbs to detoxify the liver and boost the Chi energy. The human body will always heal itself but with injuries it is important to treat them early — before they become chronic and the body starts to compensate. Terry was lucky I treated him when I did. The healing is most successful when the patient participates in getting better with all his will and heart. Your body is like a car, if you want it to run well you have to learn how to look after it — like Terry has."      A dislocated shoulder didn't end the Australian star's career,  thanks to the healing hands of Longy and his pressure point treatments.

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Longy has opened his Sydney Pain Clinic to the public in support of his charity. He specialises in lower back and neck pain, dislocated shoulder pain, sports injuries and healing other common conditions. For further information about his pressure point treatments go to the Pain Clinic .   

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Dislocated Shoulder

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Like Terry Hill with his dislocated shoulder, you can make an appointment for a pressure point treatment at Longy Nguyen's Sydney Pain Clinic.  

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Longy has established an international reputation for providing serious solutions to  Back and Neck Pain.    



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Longy- Sport Injuries SpecialistAt Longy's sports injury clinic you can expect the same expert treatments experienced by many international sports champions.



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Saving the Matrix

Longy and Keanu  Reeves. The MatrixRead about Longy and the three matrix movies.  The star, Keanu Reeves, had a serious neck injury which threatened to stop production.  

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