Back and Neck Pain Relief- Jimmy Cassidy

Back and Neck Pain Relief

Duy Long Nguyen - Back and Neck Pain Specialist.

Duy Long Nguyen, ‘Longy' has established an international reputation for having the most ‘corrective hands’, his treatments providing relief from back pain and neck pain .

Longy's matchless skills have been developed over forty years. Educated by masters in Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan, Longy has had exceptional results treating back and neck pain and common sporting injuries.


Back and Neck Pain Specialist

Longy combines his eastern therapies with conventional western clinical treatments to provide the best healing opportunities for your back and neck .

Treating with a mixture of strength and finesse has provided consistent results for chronic sufferers of pain. This powerful combination of eastern and western therapy is unmatched and certainly not exclusive to celebrities and elite sports people.


Nationwide survey on Back and Neck Pain

A nationwide survey has revealed that for 8 out of 10 Australians, back and neck pain is affecting them in all areas of their lives.

According to a report from a leading drug company, back pain and neck pain is a way of life for many people, from when they wake up from a pain interrupted sleep, to working in pain at their desk. The pain preventing them from enjoying their recreational time, sports and the hobbies they love.

43 per cent of those who suffer back and neck pain, get significant pain weekly, if not more. The pain is so severe for 41 per cent of Australians that they are incapable of leading a normal life.

This back pain and neck pain problem is affecting sufferers mentally as well. They report that it makes them irritable, frustrated and distracted. Over a third of Australians, 50 and older with back and neck pain report being depressed as a result of their pain.

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Back and Neck Pain Relief

Neck and back pain specialist - Longy has opened his Sydney pain clinic to the public in support of his charity. He specialises in back and neck pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries and other common conditions. For further information please go to the Pain Clinic.

Back Pain & Neck Pain Specialist  

Back and neck pain relief

Longy's Pain Clinic is now open to the public. Click above to make an appointment or for more information.


Injury Treatment - Longy's ReputationLongy- Sport Injuries Specialist

At Longy's Sports Injury Clinic you can expect the same expert treatments experienced by many international sports champions suffering various Sport Injuries.


Saving the Matrix

Neck Treatment

Longy and Keanu  Reeves. The MatrixRead about Longy and the three matrix movies.  The star, Keanu Reeves, had a serious neck injury which threatened to stop production.

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