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Keanu Reeves Neck Injury Treatment, Duy Long NguyenLongy's Neck Treatment saves the Matrix.

As the star, Keanu Reeves was required to undergo vigorous martial arts training, however a serious neck injury threatened to stop production of what was to be one of the biggest hit movies of all time. Longy's neck treatments and training got Keanu Reeves ready for the strenuous fight scenes and the film went on.


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Mon 3 Nov 2003

Matrix Revolutions

CELEBRITY masseur Longy Nguyen deserved to be on the red carpet at The Matrix Revolutions premiere last night.

His manipulation mastery kept the stars on their feet for filming, with the strenuous action scenes causing several injuries.

Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving yesterday spoke of the rigorous training that prepared them for the film's many fight scenes.

” We fought each other in the rain for six weeks,” Reeves said.

Nguyen is trained in acupressure, manipulation and martial arts. He also dedicates his time to helping orphaned and disadvantaged children."

Keanu Reeves, Longy and Hugo Weaving, The Matrix movies


Treatment for the Matrix Director's Back.

Page 13  4 June 1999

MIRACLE worker to the stars masseur Longy Nguyen has come to the rescue of yet another distressed celebrity — this time flying to Hollywood to work his magic.

Sport Injury Clinic Longy and Keanu ReevesThe Paddington-based pressure point master received an urgent call from Warner Bros Studio in Los Angeles last week asking him if he could jet over to the assistance of Matrix director Larry Wachowski.

The director Wachowski— who was a regular visitor to Longy's studio when Matrix was filming in Sydney last year — had "done his back" and could not find anyone in America to "fix it".

After juggling his celebrity clientele list, which includes Elle Macpherson, Hugo Weaving and Rupert Murdoch, the masseur headed to Hollywood and went to the director's aid.

He also worked on another fan, Keanu Reeves.

A 'spokesman'  for the magic-fingered Longy told Thirteen that while in America he was invited to stay for a two-week tour to be "shown around" by the actor and director.

But once again, he was called to the aid of another "good friend" Easts footballer Adrian Lam.

With his "wonder work" on Lam's shoulder injury, Queensland supporters will be happy to know that Lam just might be able to play in the State of Origin next week. Ah, the hectic life of a celebrity masseur — it's all work and no play.

Laurence Fishburne The Matrix Opening night


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