Shannon TaylorShannon Taylor - The safe hands of the Blaster's Master

Illawarra Mercury Sport by Mike Gandon

Shannon Taylor was in the safe hands of  “masseur to the stars” Longy Nguyen on the eve of his international welterweight fight against American Lonny 'Honey Bee' Beasley at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre.

Nguyen has worked with a host of international celebrities including supermodel Elle Macpherson, actor Keanu Reeves and footballer Terry Hill.

Shannon Taylor chaired by LongyOver the past years, Nguyen has built up a brotherly relationship with Taylor and seen the “Bulli Blaster” grow from an angry young man into a mature professional. “ As I said to you before, I don’t hang around losers,” Nguyen said in Wollongong yesterday. “All my friends are champions including Shannon Taylor.”

Nguyen said Macpherson and Reeves both told him they would be at ringside, probably in Las Vegas, when Taylor fights for a world title. “All of Hollywood would be on Shannon Taylor’s side,” Nguyen said. “Elle and Keanu are his friends now.”

Macpherson sent Taylor an autographed, framed photograph for his 27th birthday in May this year, which is now one of the Bulli Blaster’s most prized possessions.

“Shannon is much more mature now,” Nguyen said, “Sometimes it takes some people longer to mature. Now he is very calm. He respects everyone and has learned how to cope with being a celebrity.”

“I went to America a couple of months ago and everyone talked about Shannon Taylor.”

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