Acupressure Pain Treatment - Adrian Lam receives a pain treatment from the acupressure master, Longy Nguyen

Leading up to the quarter finals, both Adrian Lam and Terry Hill were using Longy's acupressure treatments to overcome their painful shoulder injuries.  Quotes from the Sun Herald Sydney


Adrian Lam, Longy and Terry Hill
8 September 1996

"THE most important pair of hands in today's Manly-Roosters quarter-final won't touch the football.

They may not even be at the SFS. Not unless pressure point master Long Nguyen (Longy) can overcome a severe case of divided loyalties and watch his patients, Terry Hill and Adrian Lam, tear into each other.

"I just hope neither of them injure each other because then I'll have to work really hard on their shoulders," he said.

Longy has been treating Hill and Adrian Lam for severe shoulder injuries since the representative season and both say their seasons would be over if it weren't for him.

He has also worked on most of the Sydney City team, including Brad Fittler and Sean Garlick and Manly's Jim Serdaris, Steve Menzies, Matthew Ridge and David Gillespie in the lead-up to this game.

Deni Hines Acupressure TreatmentWhen Longy is not looking after footballers, his hands may be running over the bodies of racing car drivers, boxers Troy Waters and Kostya Tszyu, or singer Deni Hines."


Acupressure saves footballers finals and representative season.

"Without him my season would be over," said Hill, who will need five months rest after shoulder surgery at the end of the season. "I was going to toss it in, but then Longy started on me after we played the Test in Newcastle and I've been able to get through each week."

Adrian Lam was equally enthusiastic. "It hurts like mad when he's at you, but there is no way I'd be on the field without him. After I dislocated my shoulder in Origin, he got me back on the field that weekend."


Acupressure Pain Treatment

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Acupressure Pain Treatment

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